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Categorisation of products into device types according to the German WEEE implementation, ElektroG 2018

With the following query, you are able to identify the respective new device types according to the ElektroG 2018, effective from 15.08.2018.
An application for registration is possible from the 01.05.2018 on (with effect from 15.08.2018).
Please note: the result of the query is not legally binding.
The Stiftung EAR alone can ascertain legally binding categories when processing a registration request.

In case of further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our consultants: +49 40 21 90 10 65.

Is your product a heat exchanger? Heat exchangers (of any size) are devices with integrated circuits, run with substances other than water - e.g. gases, coolants and refrigerators or secondary materials - used to cool down, heat or dehumidify.