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Please accept the following terms of use so that you are able to use our free web portal.

You will have one to one and free of charge access to your personal customer area by using the comfortable customer portal of take-e-way. You can safely deal with your Europe-wide quantity notifications according to the EU directive WEEE 2012/19/EU incl. the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, the Battery Law , as well as accessing your Data Management in the take-e-way customer portal. The Online customer portal of take-e-way will be offering even more for you.


Categorisation of products into device types according to the German WEEE implementation, ElektroG 2018

With the following query, you are able to identify the respective new device types according to the ElektroG 2018, effective from 15.08.2018.
An application for registration is possible from the 01.05.2018 on (with effect from 15.08.2018).

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Your advantages using our portal

  • Non-stop customer access round-the-clock (Please pay attention to legal terms for monthly reporting)
  • Quick access to your personal customer area
  • Comfortable On-line reporting from the PC
  • World-wide access
  • Easy user menu guidance
  • High security standards by coded data transfer
  • Online Update of your WEEE registration (ElektroG)
  • Master data management
  • Online quantity report conveniently from your mobile device
  • Indicate Invoicing documents


Quantity Report Online Current Period for Declaration: October 2017

The take-e-way GmbH provides its customers the service to file quantity notifications according to the EU directive WEEE 2012/19/EU Europe-wide incl. § 13 Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) and § 6 Battery Law (BattG) via the web application Quantity notifications Online. Quantities for Switzerland can be reported according to the Regulation on the return, taking back and disposal of electrical and electronic devices (VREG).


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